You are holding the first part of a book project from a citizens association Slavica with a title Atlas of the Slovak Manor Houses and Farmyards. Each part of this edition will map the manor houses and farmyards in the territory of a single region from the eight selfgoverning regions of Slovakia. The entire project is scheduled for a four years period. The last part of the edition, the ninth one, will be a summary of all previous eight parts.

Publication is compiled as a catalogue, where buildings are in alphabetical order according to districts. Each historical monument is described on at least two pages. Mentioned data are comprised mainly of the basic facts about a monument and a municipality, town or town district. It is followed by history, short description and photo documentation of the building. Annex of this publication is a place where you can find the interesting period pictures and postcards, register of the manor houses and farmyards, dictionary of the used terms and list of used or recommended bibliography.

Names of the particular buildings are created according the following key: 1.) name of municipality, 2.) usual name of the building, 3.) type of the building. Historical personal names from the period of Slovak history by 1919 (Hungarian history of Slovakia) are in this publication written in accordance with Slovak language principles and grammatical rules.

Our longterm aim is to catalogue the manor houses and farmyards in the present territory of Slovakia according to the regions. Data about the particular historical monuments are only basic, supplemented by pictures and maps. Detailed information with a lot of pictures and maps will be continually published on our internet project, which create an integral part of this book edition.

Part of the publication is also summary in English and Russian language. In a further part of the publication, there are pictured all manor houses and farmyards in the historical pictures and postcards, which are used from our collection. There are aerial photos of the historical monuments in the last but one part. Data, as well as photo documentation, are taken from our own sources, which were collected during implementation of the internet portal and from the private collection of Milos Zverina. He devotes his attention to this field from the end of 80ties of the last century.

Large part of the historical buildings is currently in dilapidated condition. There is endangering of their decline. This is the reason we try to at least map this significant part of our history for the future generations. We are also convinced that this edition help municipal authorities or building owners to promote the tourism. It can support also fund raising and gaining of investors for a building reconstruction. This publication has been carried out in cooperation with selfgoverning municipalities and Heritage Office. Last but not least it has been carried out in cooperation with supporters among the entrepreneurs, whose activities are in the field of tourism, and sponsors, who are interested in our project.

We believe that this impressive edition will help not only professionals, but also lay public to realise social and historical importance of the manor houses and farmyards, which are placed in the territory of Slovakia.